Magic Crayon - Patchwork cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL087)

I go way back with this Brazilian band, having made and hosted their website over ten years ago, so it's nice to get to join forces with them again - this time to release their debut album! The band formed in 2000, and released a couple cdeps before going on a long hiatus. A few of these songs date back to the early days, but most were recorded over the last four years. Yet even though the recordings span over a decade, they manage to fit together well to form a cohesive album - or at least as cohesive an album made by people with a wide range of musical tastes can be! If I had to pick one band to liken Magic Crayon to, it would have to be the Cannanes: quirky and catchy songs that shamble and jangle along, with a combination of male and female vocals. But then there are times when they change it up a little, from the straightforward bossa nova of the opening track to the droney "Human Species" (which could've been taken straight off an early Flying Nun single) to the mock country of "Farmer San's Ranch". Over a decade in the making, this is a fitting introduction to the sound of Magic Crayon!

Not limited. All songs written by Magic Crayon. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Senta Que La Vem Historia (Fred & Gabriele)
  2. We Die Everyday (And It's Alright)
  3. Enough
  4. All Winter Long
  5. Cynic
  6. Human Species
  7. Fast Hearts
  8. Farmer San's Ranch
  9. Air Guitar Man
  10. Natural High
  11. Entwined
  12. Watch
  13. Prova d'Orchestra