Lucksmiths - Cartography For Beginners: A Best Of The Lucksmiths dbl cd

(Matinee Recordings)

this is what it says: a definitive best-of collection for arguably one of the best indiepop bands of our time, with their catchy, jangly songs and lyrics that were both witty and poignant; this is 35 tracks of pure pop perfection!
  1. Cat In Sunshine
  2. Weatherboard
  3. Tree
  4. Jewel Thieves
  5. Shine On Me
  6. Macintyre
  7. Frisbee
  8. Caravanna
  9. Under The Rotunda
  10. Guess How Much I Love You
  11. Smokers In Love
  12. The Golden Age Of Aviation
  13. Untidy Towns
  14. The Art Of Cooking For Two
  15. Southernmost
  16. A Downside To The Upstairs
  17. The Cassingle Revival
  18. T-Shirt Weather
  19. Synchronised Sinking
  20. The Great Dividing Range
  21. Self-Preservation
  22. The Year Of Driving Languorously
  23. Camera-Shy
  24. Take This Lying Down
  25. Midweek Midmorning
  26. Stayaway Stars
  27. After The After Party
  28. A Hiccup In Your Happiness
  29. The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco
  30. Sunlight In A Jar
  31. Fiction
  32. The Town And The Hills
  33. A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed)
  34. California In Popular Song
  35. Get-To-Bed Birds