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Lame Drivers - Cruisin' Classics 2003-2010 cd

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27 tracks taken from throughout the band's early years, with songs from their numerous cassettes, some from their first cdep, unreleased demos and much more!

  1. Last Call (For Violence)
  2. Change Your Mind
  3. Working Song
  4. Go For The Map (Sammy Bananas mix)
  5. Superbomb
  6. Demonzblood
  7. NME DMO VRS / We Don't Make Mistakes
  8. Many Arms
  9. Lemme Get Those #s Down
  10. Little Child
  11. Sharks & Minnows
  12. Captain Amazing
  13. Train Of Thought (Blood Lemons)
  14. Show No Strength
  15. Return 2 Form
  16. It's About Time
  17. Congratulations
  18. All Mighty (as King Nebuchadnezzar)
  19. Bad Habit (as Puppen)
  20. Berlin Affadavit (Sept 25th Crunch Prax)
  21. Youtopia practice jam Nov. 2010
  22. Wise Up
  23. Last Summer On Earth (as 2Nightmayorezzz)
  24. Excess
  25. Reversed Witch
  26. Universe Osmosis Thru Reverse Osmosis
  27. Reverse Bhangra