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Kleenex Girl Wonder - Komplete Greatest Works cs

(This Will Be Our Summer Records)

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30 of the best songs from Graham's early cassette years - originally only available as a bonus item for their most recent lp, we got in just a few copies to sell separately!
  1. Don't Spill Me
  2. Queen Bean
  3. Texas Axis Alibi
  4. Behemoths!
  5. Under $10 Playthings
  6. She Got It Flowing (Thru Her Veins)
  7. Clear Yr Cosmos
  8. I'm Thinking Metric Medley
  9. "Triumph Of The War" Senior Thesis, Continental MIDI University
  10. Uninvisible
  11. Getting Zero
  12. 11-Hour Train Split
  13. Elastic Rhino
  14. Hickory Magic
  15. Sit In The Patron's Quarters
  16. Candlestork
  17. Sun Brakes
  18. A Babysitter Signed By Ex-President Andrew Johnson
  19. Sinclair Cycle
  20. Dino Hunter
  21. Don's Country
  22. Bacon Makes The Nice Music Better
  23. Space Shuttle
  24. Luxurious Dwarf, Bleeding Heart
  25. Plowed Flat
  26. Show Off Your Stormy Weather
  27. Plunked Down In Bulk County
  28. Why You No Make-a The Good Pizza?
  29. No Need For Commie Games Here
  30. Sirta Boje Parteriay