Just Measurers - Flagellation lp

(Emotional Response Records)

reissue of the lone lp from this early 80s avant-punk trio in the style of the Homosexuals & Messthetics comps
  1. The Perfect Life
  2. See You In Hell, Darling
  3. Dinner Party
  4. Infiltration
  5. The Best Thing I Ever Did Was Give Up
  6. Immigrants
  7. Petities Guirlandes
  8. Nioo Yiirk (The Big Time)
  9. Go West (E.T.A)
  10. Spies World
  11. Bank Owner Living On Borrowed Time
  12. Be Good To Your Leaders
  13. Isolation Booth
  14. Rooting Them Out
  15. Calling All Teenagers