Jim Of Seattle - Both The Planet Frank And The Chet Lambert Show cd

(Green Monkey Records)

piano-based pop concept album that's kinda like the Residents as produced by Todd Rundgren
  1. Introduction
  2. We Are the Elders
  3. Bantemazeh (A Storm Approaches)
  4. Our Great Leader Speaks
  5. The Mathematics Lesson
  6. Wichita Lineman
  7. Travelling (The Battle of the Tapirs)
  8. The Entertainment Parade
  9. Great Big Beautiful Day
  10. The Chet Lambert Show
  11. Storm
  12. I’m Gonna Be Your Man
  13. Shel Goldfarb and His Death-Defying Shi Tzus
  14. Superstar
  15. Traveling (The Chet Lambert Dancers)
  16. By Inches
  17. Both