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Isotope Soap - Monitored By Zu Tze lp

(Emotional Response Records)

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reissue of the three records from this totally mad Swedish gang who sound like a modern-day demented synth-punk Devo
  1. Pussy Riding Cowboy Buddhas
  2. Frontal Disorder Post Mental Border
  3. Hate
  4. Fancy Inbred Humans
  5. Circle Jerk
  6. Magnetic Abortion Of A Black Hole
  7. Dad Attack
  8. High One Wildlife
  9. The Wow! Signal
  10. I Saved You From Jesus
  11. Reversed Big Bang
  12. The Roof
  13. Human Invasion
  14. Trump Des Willens
  15. Pinata Chaos
  16. Radiated Head
  17. Emdrive Thruster