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Holiday Flyer - Try Not To Worry lp

(Darla Records)

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Holiday Flyer's heartbreakingly lovely debut album, released on vinyl for the first time, with a bunch of bonus tracks on the download!
  1. Every Day I get to See You
  2. Is it Hard to Stay Away?
  3. Runaround
  4. Can We Overcome?
  5. Especially the Ones Without
  6. Secondhand
  7. Count My Steps Home
  8. Lost at Sea
  9. Happy Hour Friends
  10. Wrap the Covers Up Over My Head
  11. Let Go
  12. Weigh on Me
  13. If I Can't See Through
  14. I Didn't Wish for You to Be Wrong
  15. Snowballing
  16. Roll Those Eyes Over Here
  17. Her Star
  18. Halo
  19. Every Once in a While
  20. Am I Growing Up?
  21. You Don't Know Me
  22. Your Secret's Safe With Me
  23. Saturday
  24. Never Know What to Say
  25. I Just Keep Falling Away