Helen Love - It's My Club And I'll Play What I Want To cd

(Elefant Records)

Helen Love is the epitome of fun pop music, as if the Ramones were a true indiepop group
  1. It's My Club
  2. Debbie Heart's Joey
  3. Dance On (Solid Gold)
  4. You Better Learn Karate
  5. 1910 Fruitgum Company
  6. Transistor Radio (Radio)
  7. Jet
  8. First Boyfriend
  9. Rodneys English Disco
  10. Honolulu Superstar
  11. Garageband
  12. Queen Of The Disco Beat
  13. Staying In
  14. A New Squad Attacking Formation
  15. Junkshop Discotheque
  16. Saturday...NITE!!!