Great Thunder - Groovy Kinda Love dbl lp

(Salinas Records)

side project for Katie of Waxahatchee and Kyle from Swearin', and it's a widely varied (and long!) album ranging from short catchy pop songs to more experimental fare
  1. Liebe
  2. Virgin Snow
  3. Poor Light
  4. Being Wrong
  5. Can't Turn Her Head
  6. Jackson Browne
  7. Happening Scene
  8. Don't Be Sorry
  9. Neon Swan
  10. The Kids Are All Rain
  11. Living On A Stain
  12. I Love You So Much I Could Kill Myself Because I Hate My Pae
  13. Singer's No Star
  14. A Soft Spot For Bruised Fruit
  15. Towards The Bone
  16. Cruisin' For A Bruisin'
  17. Racket Spirit Jam
  18. Punk Couple
  19. Gone For Good
  20. Sorta Prima Donna
  21. Ladysmith's Breaking Point
  22. It Takes So Much
  23. Coming Home Tonight
  24. Chapel Of Pines
  25. Plain
  26. Mine For A Spell
  27. Fake Foreign Blisters
  28. You Left Me With An Ocean
  29. I Am Low
  30. Unfinished Business