Glow Cats - Cat Bits cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL084)

I first heard this Danish band earlier this year thanks to their debut (physical) release on Beta Snake Records, and instantly loved them, as they encapsulated everything that was good about the Swedish indiepop explosion of the mid '00s (think Nixon, Funday Mornings, Dorotea...). Their songs were concise, they were filled with jangly guitars and/or simple keyboards, and most importantly, they were just pure, innocent fun. They sound like they don't take much seriously, singing about things like being a cat, playing air guitar, procrastination and even the Quirky Girl Crafter (look her up!). The disc starts out with four brand new songs, recorded by the band's current line-up, followed by a couple dozen songs from throughout their existence, with a variety of personnel, instrumentation and recording locations/qualities. Put 'em all together, though, and you've got yourself a fun hour ahead of you!

Not limited. All songs written by Glow Cats except track 25 by the Go-Betweens. Available digitally on Bandcamp.
  1. Lynn Chan
  2. The Snow Man
  3. Let's Swim, Then Have Breakfast
  4. Everything Is Pop
  5. Mommy, I Was Lost
  6. Ovartazi
  7. Call Me Glow Cat
  8. The Dentist's Drill
  9. Air Guitar Solo
  10. I Made A Comic Strip
  11. Big Hit
  12. I Rest My Case
  13. I'm No Captain Harlock
  14. Card Board Flaps, 500 Laps
  15. Pretty Shitty
  16. Barney, Wait For Me
  17. Leave Your Army Boots At Home
  18. Let's Swim, Then Have Breakfast (1st version)
  19. Take It Off!
  20. I Have A Heart
  21. The Link I Sent
  22. Cat Nap
  23. Breathing Into My Mouth
  24. I Get Something Done (Finally)
  25. Lee Remick
  26. Zora
  27. Sailor Panda (Theme Song)
  28. The One With Minnie Mouse