Ginnels - Crowns cd

(Emotional Response Records)

reissue of the band's double-cassette on Popical Island, this 20-track disc is full of bedroom janglepop of all flavors!
  1. Salty Waves
  2. Gangs Of Witches
  3. The Childish Lane Story
  4. Festival Walls
  5. Heathwaite Wood
  6. Estendarm
  7. Europe's Soil
  8. Wake Up Normal
  9. This Is Conor
  10. A Boy Without A Crown
  11. Misery And Moan
  12. Vicenza
  13. Science Texts
  14. You Should Have Listened To Them
  15. Friends Are Dead
  16. It's Not A Summer (Without You)
  17. Crowns
  18. While You Sleep
  19. You'll Go Far
  20. The Last Thing We'll Do