Galactic Heroes - How About San Francisco? cd/lp

(Magic Marker Records)

super-fun debut from this South Carolina duo, with 19 songs and lots of jangly guitars and catchy harmonies that are perfect for fans of the Apples, Minders or (early) Of Montreal!
  1. Neat Street
  2. Cherokee
  3. Heroes And Villains
  4. Shai-yo
  5. Philadelphia
  6. Today Won't Be The Same
  7. Copy Cop
  8. The Hit
  9. Open Frame
  10. Ice Skating
  11. Baby Blue Volvo
  12. Rain
  13. Shut Up And Rock
  14. The Summer Project
  15. Body Touch, No Deposit No Return
  16. Wonderful
  17. Tennessee
  18. Porch Swing
  19. To Be Alone