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Friends Again - Trapped And Unwrapped dbl cd

(Cherry Red Records)

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full 2-disc reissue of this classic Orange Juice-ish album with oodles of bonus tracks, including b-sides, remixes and more!
  1. Lucky Star
  2. Sunkissed
  3. Lullaby No. 2
  4. Vaguely Yours
  5. Skip The Goldrush
  6. Tomboy
  7. State Of Art
  8. Swallows In The Rain
  9. South Of Love
  10. Old Flame
  11. Honey At The Core (Reprise)
  12. Moon 3
  13. Honey At The Core (Extended Mix)
  14. Sunkissed (Extended Version)
  15. South Of Love (12" Version)
  16. State Of Art (Remix)
  17. Lucky Star (Moonboot Version)
  18. Dealing In Silver
  19. State Of Art (12" Version)
  20. Winked At
  21. State Of Art (Instrumental)
  22. Lullaby No. 2 Love On Board (12" Version)
  23. Honey At The Core (Long Version)
  24. Snow White
  25. Sunkissed (New Version)
  26. Wand You Wave
  27. Thank You For Being An Angel
  28. Bird Of Paradise
  29. Why Don't You Ask Someone
  30. A Reader Decides (Demo)
  31. If You Can't Love Her Madly (Demo)
  32. Caller (Demo)