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Flying Fish Cove - At Moonset cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL158)

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last year, we introduced you to this lovely group via a four-song teaser EP; now we're thrilled to welcome you to the full debut album from Seattle's newest indiepop stars! And I'm not just saying that because they're my friends. Or because I currently drum for them (though, to be fair, I joined after this album was recorded). No, I say that because this album is a sheer aural delight, filled with jangling guitars, sugary-sweet female vocals (with lots of backing oohs!) and twinkling omnichord embellishments throughout. This batch of twelve songs is on par with the best of Heavenly, Snail Mail and Frankie Cosmos (whose Greta Kline actually guests here!), and the 31 minutes just glide on by in no time. Definitely one of the highlights of 2019!

Not limited. All songs written by Flying Fish Cove. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Johnny Paper
  2. Sleight Of Hand
  3. Blow A Candle
  4. Manticore
  5. Bob & Sylvie
  6. Cammy The Camry
  7. Dangerous Words
  8. Pony Bracelet
  9. Home Sweet Home
  10. Lunar Tropical
  11. So Slowly
  12. Belladonna