Five Year Plan - Peacetime Broadcast cd

(Breaking Down Records)

fantastic reissue compiled by the band themselves, with every track they've released (along with plenty of demos & live recordings) and a nice booklet - excellent late '80s UK janglepop!
  1. Nothing Will Go Wrong
  2. Brand New Car
  3. Give Me A Lifetime
  4. Hit the Bottle
  5. Swallow Your Pride
  6. Tall Trees
  7. See You In Heaven
  8. Battered Old Ford
  9. Martin Bramah
  10. Jill's Hip
  11. Something To Make You Laugh
  12. Wildcountry Lane
  13. Everything I Ask For
  14. Hit the Bottle (demo version)
  15. Peacetime Broadcast
  16. I Want You
  17. My Heart Is A Train
  18. All About Christ
  19. Useless