Ferrymen - Tunes For Saturday Boys cd

(Firestation Records)

fantastic indiepop in the style of the Housemartins or the Chesterfields
  1. Whole World
  2. Stop Bending Backwards
  3. Bluest Sea
  4. The Story Is Always The Same
  5. Let Go
  6. My Personal Drug
  7. Many Times
  8. The Green Eyed Monster Strikes Again
  9. All For Nothing
  10. One Saturday (live)
  11. So Angry (live)
  12. He Sees The Flowers (live)
  13. Someone (live)
  14. Time And Time Again (live)
  15. We'd Take You In Our Sleep (live)
  16. Thank You For Saving The World (live)
  17. Now You Have Gone (live)
  18. There Is No Turning Round (live)
  19. What Did She? (live)
  20. Aberdeen