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Famous Boyfriend - Making Love All Night Wrong / Famous Boyfriend cd

(555 Recordings)

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compilation of this Hood side-project's experimental synthpop albums
  1. The Bridge That Takes Me Home
  2. I Woke Up This Morning And Remembered What You'd Done
  3. I Am Drunk On Mine
  4. Your Hearts Not In It
  5. Freedom Sounds In Pub
  6. It's Not The Way You Kiss
  7. Craig Wouldn't Hurt Anyone
  8. Taller Than The Tallest Tree
  9. This Fuck Is Placed Up
  10. It's Starting To Become A Habit
  11. Don't Stop, I've Earned This
  12. Septembernovember
  13. A Nice Way To End
  14. A Stick To Beat Me With
  15. Forget Everything That I Just Said
  16. The Noises Inside Craigs Head
  17. Its Sounds As If You Are Falling Apart
  18. I Regret Everything
  19. The Only Sad Sight On A Beautiful Day
  20. Don't Worry, It Wont Happen Again
  21. I Could Lie To Myself Again
  22. Yes, I Was Out Of Tune
  23. The Noises Inside Craigs Head #2
  24. I Can See No Point In Trying
  25. Dont Keep It From Me