Eureka California - Demos, Lost Tracks, And Stuff cs

(HHBTM Records)

it is what it says it is: a cassette full of demos and b-sides and what-not, and it's all great!
  1. Telephone Tone
  2. Twin Cities
  3. There's No Looking Back
  4. Summer Of George
  5. Ghosts
  6. This Ain't No A-Side
  7. And With Propellor
  8. Wigwam
  9. Happy Again
  10. Cobwebs On The Mind
  11. My Boy, Black Metal
  12. Serious Man
  13. Caffeine
  14. Only Birds (No Feathers)
  15. Fear And Loathing In The Classic City
  16. Sludge
  17. Perfect Grammar
  18. I Write T.V. Themes