Dinosaur Jr - Without A Sound (expanded edition) dbl cd/dbl lp

(Cherry Red Records)

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double-disc reissue of this classic album, with b-sides and live tracks!
  1. Feel the Pain
  2. I Don't Think So
  3. Yeah Right
  4. Outta Hand
  5. Grab It
  6. Even You
  7. Mind Glow
  8. Get Out Of This
  9. On the Brink
  10. Seemed Like The Thing To Do
  11. Over Your Shoulder
  12. Get Out Of This (No Words Just Solo)
  13. Blah
  14. I Don't Think So (Instrumental) (cd only)
  15. Outta Hand (Instrumental) (cd only)
  16. Get Out Of This (Instrumental) (cd only)
  17. On The Brink (Instrumental) (cd only)
  18. Seemed Like The Thing To Do (Alternate Mix) (cd only)
  19. Freakscene (live) (cd only)
  20. Out There (live) (cd only)
  21. Get Me (live)
  22. Not You Again (live) (cd only)
  23. Grab It (live)
  24. Feel The Pain (live)
  25. Little Fury Things (live) (cd only)
  26. What Else Is New (live)
  27. Quest (live) (cd only)
  28. Thumb (live) (cd only)
  29. Sludgefeast (live)