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Dinosaur Jr - Green Mind (expanded edition) dbl cd/dbl lp

(Cherry Red Records)

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double-disc reissue of their breakthrough album, complete with singles, b-sides and a live set (on the cd)!
  1. The Wagon
  2. Puke + Cry
  3. Blowing It / I Live For That Look
  4. I Live For That Look
  5. Flying Cloud
  6. How'd You Pin That One On Me
  7. Water
  8. Muck
  9. Thumb
  10. Green Mind
  11. Pebbles + Weeds
  12. The Little Baby
  13. Not You Again
  14. Quicksand (Wagon Reprise)
  15. Throw Down
  16. Whatever's Cool With Me
  17. Sideways
  18. The Wagon (7" DJ Edit) (cd only)
  19. The Lung (live) (cd only)
  20. Water (live) (cd only)
  21. The Wagon (live) (cd only)
  22. Keep The Glove (live) (cd only)
  23. Blowing It/I Live For That Look (live) (cd only)
  24. Tarpit (live) (cd only)
  25. Kracked (live) (cd only)
  26. Freakscene (live) (cd only)
  27. Thumb (live) (cd only)
  28. They Always Come (live) (cd only)
  29. Budge (live) (cd only)
  30. Sludgefeast (live) (cd only)
  31. Thumb (live)
  32. Keep The Glove (live)
  33. The Lung (live)
  34. The Post (live)