Crappy Dracula - Tooo Muuuch lp

(Eeefin' Records)

more Dead Milkman-esque humor from these wild and crazy guys

  1. Track 3, Everything About Everything Ever (Except Cross-Country Skiing)
  2. The Belarusian Clap
  3. Myth Man
  4. Champions Of Personal Responsibility
  5. Believable
  6. Diagnosis: Karate
  7. Feathers Hazelton
  8. Margaritaville
  9. Universal Haircut
  10. September's Embrace
  11. Fun Doin' It
  12. Middle Finger To Parents
  13. Gwon Fap Spot
  14. Houseboat Of Tomorrow
  15. The Difference Between You & I With The Recipe For The Same Lunch
  16. Credible
  17. Buenos Mucho
  18. Finemaan's Corner
  19. The Clinking Of Glasses, The Smiles Of Men
  20. Lesson Your Load
  21. For Your Convenience, All Of The Album's Choruses Combined Into One Song