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Cozy Catastrophes - Have You Ever Heard Of Cozy Catastrophes? cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL092)

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This is the cd debut for Bloomington's Cozy Catastrophes (after a digital-only album and a cassette on February Records), and it is quite possibly the best bedroom indiepop album I've heard all year, and the year's nearly finished! This one-man project reminds me a lot of the highly underrated James And The Express (whose album we released last year) - I mean, you know it's just one guy, but the sound and production are so full that you could easily mistake it for a full band. Plus Greg exhibits enough charm and general friendliness to give Colin Clary a run for his money! The songs and lyrics are innocent and endearing (just pick out "Go Steady With Me" and "Every Girl Deserves A Song" for perfect examples), but not overly twee. This album is sure to brighten your day, as you'd sure have a hard time not smiling and tapping along to it!

Not limited. All songs written by Cozy Catastrophes. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Yours Sincerely
  2. Go Steady With Me
  3. Little Birds
  4. Guess What
  5. The New 'Old Lamplighter'
  6. Hideaway
  7. Alone With You
  8. Arbor Day
  9. Every Girl Deserves A Song
  10. Remembering
  11. Summer Boy
  12. Coworkers In Love
  13. Little Moon
  14. The Gettysburg Address Of Love