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Cornfield, Klaus - Klaus Comes lp

(Little Teddy Recordings)

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debut solo album from the fellow behind Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan!
  1. Under Our Heaven
  2. Baby When You Lie
  3. Middle Of A Hurricane
  4. If You Can't Beat Them Join Them
  5. Where The Cows Wear Bells
  6. Maybe I Failed In The Past
  7. Buddy's Big O
  8. Tell Me What To Do Now
  9. Hands In The Frontrow
  10. Like A Snowman
  11. Uh Yes I Would
  12. Put On Your Little Raincoats
  13. Cutest Girl I've Ever Seen
  14. You Would Have Waved Wildly
  15. Back In My Life
  16. 'Til My Heart Tells Me Something New