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Cheap Red - Cheap Red dbl cd

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great album from Stew/Jen Boyracer & Akin/Arland Kanda, complete with a bonus disc of remixes
  1. Let's Start A Riot
  2. Unlucky In Love
  3. The Hurt On Her
  4. The Mitten
  5. Red Shoulders
  6. Let's Get Tammy Wynette
  7. Sidedoor Sally
  8. 3 Day Drunk
  9. Sing
  10. Everyone Works So Hard
  11. December 1
  12. The Day I Was A Horse
  13. Hold On
  14. Horses
  15. 3 Day Drunk (Bracken remix)
  16. Horses (Sisterhood Of Convoluted Thinkers remix)
  17. The Hurt On Her (DJ Downfall remix)
  18. Hold On (James Earthenware remix)
  19. Hello Tammy Wynette (Kid606 remix)
  20. Unlucky In Love (Team Forest remix)
  21. The Hurt On Her (Simpatico remix)
  22. Let's Start A Riot (Jib Kidder remix)
  23. Hold On (Fingernail remix)
  24. Red Shoulders (Steward remix)
  25. Unlucky In Love (Declining Winter remix)
  26. The Mitten (Patrick Vidro remix)
  27. Hold On (King Prussia remix)