Charlie Tipper - The Astonishing Rise Of Charlie Tipper 2013-2017 dbl cd

(Breaking Down Records)

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double-disc set compiling all of the band's excellent singles, EPs, session tracks and more!
  1. Ride Out
  2. Drowning (London Mix)
  3. Let That Feeling Go
  4. Cross Country
  5. You Made Me Homeless
  6. Last Train to Stardom
  7. Super Tuesday
  8. Home on the Range
  9. Femme Fatale
  10. Disorder
  11. No Going Back
  12. Rock and Roll Dreaming for Girls
  13. Long Way Down
  14. You won't Be Going Home Tonight (Austerity Mix)
  15. There But for the Grace of God Go I
  16. Halloween
  17. Wide Open Road
  18. The Way I'm Wired
  19. Count Five and Tell the Truth
  20. Wasting Time
  21. Speed Trials
  22. One Summer