Cave Babies - Emotional Intimacy cs

(Lost Sound Tapes)

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fourth cassette album from the universally-adored Josh Redman (Watercolor Paintings/5432Fun!!) who plays gentle and honest folky pop
  1. I Am Gonna Cry
  2. Emotional Intimacy
  3. Imagine You
  4. I Can't Think At All
  5. Sleeping Over
  6. The Birds Outside My Window
  7. Cat Got My Tongue
  8. I Miss My Friends
  9. So Absurd
  10. Sex Positive
  11. The Days Alone
  12. Rebeccas
  13. Why Are You So Afraid of Me
  14. I Got a Number
  15. I'll Never Know Why
  16. Thinking to Yourself
  17. Wrong Way
  18. When You Found Out
  19. Are You Watching Me