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Brighter - Out To Sea cd

(Matinee Recordings)

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this disc compiles the band's sole album, "Laurel", together with their non-Sarah releases (a pair of flexis) and even some unreleased songs!
  1. Christmas
  2. Frostbite
  3. Summer Becomes Winter
  4. Something To Call My Own
  5. Ocean Sky
  6. Out To Sea
  7. Maybe
  8. Journey's End
  9. If I Could See
  10. Wallflower
  11. Airhead
  12. Don't Remember
  13. Next Summer
  14. Looks Like Rain
  15. Falling
  16. There Is Nothing We Can Do?
  17. Nothing At All
  18. Hope To God
  19. Amy Never Knew
  20. Still