Bradford - Thirty Years Of Shouting Quietly dbl cd/dbl lp

(A Turntable Friend Records)

30th anniversary reissue of this '80s janglepop classic, complete with singles, b-sides, demos and more!
  1. Greed And Peasant Land
  2. To Have And To Hurt
  3. Gang Of One
  4. Always Torn
  5. Lust Roulette
  6. Adrift Again
  7. Radio Edna
  8. Everything At Once
  9. Gary's Going Down
  10. Skin Storm
  11. A Wounding
  12. In Liverpool
  13. Boys Will Be Boys
  14. The Loss
  15. A Pint Of Bitterness
  16. Tattered, Tangled And Torn (Stephen Street version)
  17. Headful Of Dreadful (Stephen Street demo for album)
  18. Saturday Insanity (Elephant Studio version)
  19. Laughing Larry's (Demo, Village Studios)
  20. Gatling Gun (Strawberry Studios)
  21. Quality Of Mercy (Strawberry Studios)
  22. Here Endeth The First Lesson (Stephen Street demo for album)
  23. Little Boy Lost (Stephen Street demo for album)
  24. Hard Feelings (Stephen Street demo for album)
  25. Lift Your Eyes To Where She Dwells (Demo Square One Studios)
  26. Fallen Open (Demo Square One Studios)
  27. Swim (Castleford demo)
  28. The Swing Of Things (Castleford demo)
  29. Gang Of One Revisited (Stephen Street)
  30. Skin Storm (original single version)