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Boyracer - Happenstance cd

(HHBTM Records)

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classic noisy pop
  1. Vinegar Evenings
  2. I Thought Even More Of You When You Told Me You WantedMeDead
  3. Where To Place Your Trust?
  4. Invisible
  5. Careless And Caught Out
  6. The Moment
  7. Flinch Of The Light
  8. The Warmest Hours
  9. What You Decide To Cherish
  10. Millstones = Milestones
  11. Awkward Silence Is Not A Steady Diet
  12. I Was The Drummer In Altered Images
  13. A Chipped Tooth And Greasy Fingers
  14. On Bleached Grass
  15. Angle
  16. Riding The Rims
  17. Overcast Youth
  18. The Others Way
  19. A Lesson In Bad Posture
  20. How Many Cars Can You Fit In Yr Garage
  21. Christopher
  22. The Basics
  23. Untitled