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Boat - Songs That You Might Not Like cd

(Magic Marker Records)

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after a bunch of self-released cd-rs and eps, this record marks the first mass-produced release for this sloppy pop band. This album features newly-recorded versions of songs from their first two homemade releases as well as several new songs.
  1. Greasedip Hairlip
  2. Clogged Castle
  3. Last Cans Of Paint
  4. Trained By Trains
  5. Free The Birds In The Stall
  6. Beast For Hire
  7. Elephant Ears
  8. March In The Streets
  9. The Bar Is Too Low To Fail
  10. Holding All The Globes
  11. I've Got Ninjas!
  12. Quickly And Quietly
  13. Lanterns And Laughing Ladies
  14. Noun Crown
  15. Remember The Romans
  16. Return Of The Rainbow Shoelace
  17. Songs That You Might Not Like