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Boat - Let's Drag Our Feet cd

(Magic Marker Records)

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Boat is back with their second LP, which improves upon the lofi sound of their debut. Each song is an anthem, with slightly fuzzy vocals colliding with simple guitar lines, start/stop drumming, handclaps, la las and ba bas. A sloppy masterpiece!
  1. Come With Me, We'll Win
  2. (I'm A) Donkey For Your Love
  3. Period, Backslash, Colon
  4. Illustrate The History
  5. The Whistle Test
  6. Make Way For The Genius To Appear
  7. The Ferocious Sounds Of Lobsters And Snakes
  8. I Really, Really Think You Should Rethink Your Life
  9. Base The Money On The Children
  10. 200 Days, 59 Ways
  11. A Phone That Rings For Free
  12. Let's Drag Our Feet
  13. Gold Veins
  14. Cats On The F.M.