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Auctioneers - Before Lost And Found cd

(Firestation Records)

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after appearing as a bonus track on Cherry Red's c86 reissue last year, the band reached out to Firestation Records, who happily released this 25-track compilation of demos/rarities and live tracks!
  1. Cracked Up
  2. Scoop
  3. Public Relations
  4. Dangerous Man
  5. Pretty Profile
  6. Mystery Girl
  7. Honeypot
  8. We Die
  9. Chain
  10. Drain Away
  11. Going Through
  12. Television
  13. Playground
  14. Half Faced Men
  15. Plains Of Leicester
  16. Withholding
  17. Pompous Epic
  18. Every Person's Fool
  19. House
  20. Smoothing Iron
  21. Heat And Wishes
  22. Wire
  23. Watch It All Come Down
  24. Violent Kisses
  25. Before Lost And Found