Armstrong - Under Blue Skies cd

(Beautiful Music Records)

reissue of this vastly ignored janglepop gem that really reminds me a lot of Charlie Big Time, but also Aztec Camera or Pale Fountains
  1. Love Hate Passion And War
  2. Crazy World
  3. Baby You Just Don't Care
  4. Sorry About Lately
  5. The Things That Pass You By
  6. Gratitude
  7. September Skies
  8. Ralph And Gustav
  9. Get Through This
  10. Raise Your Head
  11. Still Miss You
  12. Try And Find Answers
  13. On A Clear Night You Can Stay Together
  14. Baby You Just Don't Care
  15. The World I Created
  16. My Resistance
  17. October Song
  18. Perhaps It's Time We Said Goodbye
  19. Tired Of Losing People (In My Life)
  20. Underdog