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Sportique - Communiqué no.9 cd/10"

(Matinee Recordings)

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third album that laments the passing of more radical artistic movements and attitudes prevalent in the late 60s and early 70s
  1. The Edgeware Kick-Back
  2. Arthouse Cinemas
  3. Angry Street
  4. Other Peoples' Girlfriends
  5. Tips For Artists Who Want To Sell Records
  6. Stereotype
  7. Communique No.9
  8. Requiem For The Avant-Garde
  9. The Edgeware Kick-Back
  10. Arthouse Cinemas
  11. Angry Street
  12. Other Peoples' Girlfriends
  13. Tips For Artists Who Want To Sell Records
  14. Stereotype
  15. Communique No.9
  16. Requiem For The Avant-Garde