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Antlered Aunt Lord - Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (And On Fire) lp

(HHBTM Records)

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new project from Jesse of Tunabunny, with equal parts madness and genius that fits somewhere between Guided By Voices and R. Stevie Moore
  1. Events Of The Future
  2. Questions From Our Publicist
  3. Abandoned Car
  4. Monopilot
  5. An Impersonal Appeal
  6. The Beezwax
  7. Munsonfly
  8. EPA
  9. Evil Dream (Too Slow)
  10. Pray For Glam
  11. Yr Right
  12. Don't Ever Have To Wait
  13. Sigil To Noise
  14. Never Sleep Again
  15. Classic Nu New Uncomfortable Bumblebee Dub
  16. Sciatica
  17. Throwback Bikes
  18. Hi Beam Hi Priest (Blinker Fluid)
  19. Save The Very Best