Vehicle Flips - Friends Like Nations (1994-1997) cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL042)

this is not the first time Jigsaw has worked with Mr. Frank Boscoe - we were pleased as punch to release the last cd from his most recent project, the Gazetteers, back in 2010 when the Jigsaw label awoke from its slumber. He may have started his tenure in the world of indiepop with Wimp Factor 14, but he truly found his footing during the mid '90s with the consistently-stellar Vehicle Flips. That band released a trio of excellent albums on Harriet and Magic Marker Records, but it was on their singles where you could find the real hidden gems; this disc collects all of those singles, as well as all compilation tracks and even a few unreleased songs together in one place for the first time!
Not limited. All songs written by Vehicle Flips, except track 2 by Slovenly, track 6 by Jonathan Richman and track 24 by Eggs. Available digitally on Bandcamp.
  1. Diplomacy, Home and Abroad
  2. This is the Big Tree
  3. Our Returning Champion
  4. The Clean Slate (7" version)
  5. Vinaigrette
  6. Dodge Veg-o-matic
  7. Lockout Song
  8. Impressed Beyond Belief
  9. In the Offing
  10. Citronella
  11. Comet Song
  12. Independence Day
  13. O Tedium
  14. Household Expatriate
  15. Adios, Rancheros!
  16. Duophonic, Stereosonic
  17. Bachelor No. 3
  18. Terminus
  19. Salad Bar
  20. Ompompanoosuc
  21. Sterling
  22. The Incorrigible Optimists' Songbook
  23. Expendable You (alt. version)
  24. Erin Go Bragh
  25. The Last of Mr. Clyde