Strawberry Story - Gravy dbl cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL082)

Strawberry Story were a favorite of the extremely fertile late '80s/early '90s British indiepop scene, putting their Talulah Gosh-inspired twee-crash-pop out on a variety of 7"s, flexis and cassettes on influential labels such as Woosh, Vinyl Japan and Heaven as well as their own Dasiychain Records. A few years back, the band began stirring again, even releasing a pair of EPs on Cloudberry and Anorak, and last year, they compiled pretty much EVERYTHING they had ever released (as well as over a dozen previously unreleased live tracks and demos both old and recent) onto a double-disc set. They only made 100 copies of this and it sold out pretty quickly, so while in discussion with the band about getting more copies for the Jigsaw mailorder, I half-joked that I should bootleg it since they were out. Well, one thing led to another, and voila! The comp is back in print! And as an added bonus, we have included a newly-discovered demo from 1988 (taken from an mp3 of a long-lost cassette; yeah, a bunch of these songs are really lo-fi, coming from decades-old cassettes...), AND slightly more informational liner notes (which the original issue lacked). With 54 tracks in over 2½ hours, there's a lot to take in here, but at least you have the band's entire output at your disposal - and what a lot of fun it is!

Not limited. All songs written by Strawberry Story, except track 14 by Another Sunny Day, track 35 by the Dells, track 38 by Elizabeth Cotten, track 46 by the Stone Roses and track 48 by Rodgers/Hammerstein. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Tell Me Now
  2. Well What Do You Think About That Then... Paddy?
  3. This Time Baby
  4. Buttercups & Daisies
  5. Gone Like Summer
  6. Saturday Without You
  7. I Still Want You
  8. I Don't Want You
  9. Think Of Me (Grrr version)
  10. The Last Thing That You Say
  11. Freight Train (live)
  12. For The Love Of Billy
  13. Summer Scene
  14. I'm In Love With A Boy (live)
  15. Boys From The Story
  16. Twenty Six
  17. Andrew
  18. Swimming
  19. Close My Eyes
  20. Ashlands Road
  21. Molly Ringwald
  22. I Never Loved You
  23. Sci-Fi Guy
  24. The Man With The Stereo Hands
  25. Tell Me Now (Recorder)
  26. Precious
  27. All For You
  28. Tell Me Now (live)
  29. Midsummers Daydream
  30. Simple
  31. Pushbutton Head
  32. Think Of Me
  33. Beautiful
  34. I Never Loved You (live)
  35. Rainbow
  36. Theresa Lovely
  37. Kissamatic Lovebubble
  38. Freight Train
  39. Chicken Biscuit
  40. Saturday Without You (live)
  41. Shame About Alice
  42. Boys (D&D version)
  43. Caroline
  44. Twenty Six (live)
  45. Kiddie
  46. Made Of Stone
  47. Buttercups & Daisies (live)
  48. Maria
  49. Behind This Smile
  50. Sunshine
  51. A Love Song For The Shy & Cynical
  52. Between Dreams And Breakfast
  53. Liza Minnelli
  54. Thinking Of Julie