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State Drugs - Takings & Leavings cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL155)

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aw, it's no secret: I love indie rock just as much as I love indiepop. Give me the energetic sounds of bands like Superchunk or the Thermals anytime! That's why this record, though it sticks out among the rest of the generally poppier Jigsaw releases, should make total sense in the overall label canon as it relates to my musical taste (as it should!). This is highly spirited indie rock that reminds me of both of those afore-mentioned bands, but even more so, some brilliant lesser-known bands like Failures' Union, Shallow Cuts and Bedford Falls (seriously, go look 'em up). State Drugs' debut album contains a dozen really catchy songs (one of them a classic Replacements cover) with plenty of loud guitars and gritty, earnest vocals. Oh, and I happen to know that there's plenty more where this came from...

Not limited. All songs written by State Drugs, except track 12 by the Replacements. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Aggie
  2. Sandwina
  3. Woodring Nights
  4. Taking It To The Streets
  5. Fractured Heart
  6. Halfway Wasted
  7. Lava Lamp
  8. Gut Knots
  9. Tool Library
  10. Lizzie
  11. Last Days Of Typhoid
  12. Left Of The Dial