Space Daze - Waves Collapsing cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL144)

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even before Seapony went on their hiatus, their chief songwriter, Danny Rowland, started his solo project, Space Daze. He released a tape on the Beautiful Strange label back in 2014, titled "Follow My Light Back Home", but everything he's put out since then has been digital-only on his own Bandcamp. Well, this collects all of those digital releases onto a packed disc clocking in at nearly 74 minutes! Musically, this is not all that different from Seapony, only there is quite a bit more variety to the songwriting, as is often the case with solo projects. Also, with Danny's voice at the front, this sounds a bit less like his other band, and more like, say, Beach Fossils or Real Estate. A gentle and pleasant listen!

Not limited. All songs written by Space Daze. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Intro
  2. Far Away
  3. Sunlight Waves
  4. Wasn't Anyone
  5. Was Never
  6. Everyone Knows
  7. How It Is
  8. Alone In The Shadows
  9. By The Road
  10. What Did You Say
  11. Over
  12. Go Wrong
  13. Brought Me Down
  14. No Control
  15. Everything Is Really Bad
  16. Be Here
  17. Not Sure
  18. You And Everyone Else
  19. Every Day I Dream
  20. Go Slow
  21. Mellow Centuries
  22. Terrestrial Mosey
  23. Waiting Around
  24. Never Have Fun
  25. In The Dark
  26. Nowhere
  27. Doesn't Exist