Sissy Fuzz - Footnotes cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL059)

hailing from the Denver '90s indiepop scene that produced the Apples In Stereo, the Minders and Dressy Bessy (whose Tammy Ealom briefly sat in as guitarist), Sissy Fuzz didn't get as much attention as their peers. And except for a 7" on the Japanese 100Guitar Mania label and a song on an early Happy Happy Birthday To Me comp, they never even strayed too far from home. Yet during their brief time, they managed to record ten simple and catchy '60s-inspired pop songs (some of which only existed on very limited homemade demo tapes) - all of which are collected here!

Not limited. All songs written by Sissy Fuzz, except track 5 by Wire. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Don't Fear (The Reverb)
  2. Summer Saliva
  3. Waffle Poultice
  4. Sappy
  5. Outdoor Miner
  6. Blind Country Singer
  7. Jaundiced
  8. Bedhead
  9. Airstreams In The Sun
  10. Unglued