Secret Meadow - Same Old Fear EP cdep

(Jigsaw Records, PZL121)

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this is the debut release from Secret Meadow, a new band from Jakarta, Indonesia, and it's a good case of being able to judge a book by its cover. Much like the sleeve, the songs contained within are simple and catchy, but are also shrouded in a haze (of ambient synths). Imagine the sound and atmosphere of the Cure or Slowdive, but with melodies that rival anything the Radio Dept. have ever written, and mostly upbeat songs with driving rhythms and vocals that are soft yet confident. And the guitars! Oh, the wonderful, jangly guitars... Yes, this is the start of something really big, and we're glad to be able to introduce you to this delightful band!

Not limited. All songs written by Secret Meadow. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Vexation
  2. Followed By The Voice
  3. Same Old Fear
  4. Water In The Flowing River
  5. Endlings