Plastic Bubble - Treble Treasure Chest cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL031)

this Louisville, KY band initially wrote me to distribute their debut cassette release (on Carpathian Cassettes), which I gladly agreed to. I hinted at putting it out on Jigsaw, and after the cassette went out of print (quickly), they said it was my turn to release it! This is one of those records that's filled with all sorts of instruments (and non-instruments) and ideas, bringing to mind the Galactic Heroes, early Boat and Elephant 6's more coherent moments. A colorful album, indeed!

Not limited. All songs written by Plastic Bubble. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. In Love With A Band
  2. Instant Crush
  3. The Circle Of Time
  4. Run For Your Life
  5. The Divine Right Of Kings
  6. Something Better Than Love
  7. Garden Party
  8. Under The Snow
  9. Often Wearing Headphones
  10. Bending Smiles
  11. Fly On The Wall
  12. False Flag Attack
  13. Red China (With Green Moments)
  14. (Burning All Our) Photographs
  15. Superman Vs. El Toro
  16. Big Indian, New York
  17. Certificate Of Achivement
  18. The Living End