Megrim - Families cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL137)

last year, we reintroduced the world to Les Autres, an excellent French indie rock band from the '90s, via a compilation entitled "Backwards". Now, we're happy to present the debut album (after a couple self-released digital-only EPs) from Megrim, which is the new project of that older band's guitarist/vocalist, Olivier Doreille. Like Les Autres, comparisons can be drawn to early '90s contemporaries such as Lorelei and Hood, but Megrim's sound is a bit more fleshed out, at times reminding me a lot of early Death Cab For Cutie and Nada Surf. Their songs are sometimes driving, other times melancholic, but always interesting, making for a well-rounded and rewarding album to listen to.

Not limited. All songs written by Megrim. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Come To Fight
  2. Stay Away From Us
  3. Paterson
  4. Restless
  5. Swarm
  6. A Boy
  7. You Can Buy My Soul
  8. Project
  9. All Famous
  10. Precious Time