Joy Cleaner - Total Hell cd/lp

(Jigsaw Records, PZL127)

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after releasing the discography compilation from Makeout Vertigo, we kept in touch with Kyle Wilkerson, and when he passed along some tracks he recorded with his new band, Joy Cleaner, we jumped at the chance to release it! The old school indiepopper in me wants to liken this to Masters Of The Hemisphere, simply because JC are at times a dead ringer for that underrated (and much-missed!) '90s band. However, I also acknowledge that more modern references could be helpful to some, so I'd say this is great for fans of bands like Dogbreth and Diners; bands that maintain a balance between jangly/breezy indiepop and rough/edgy indie rock, keeping the hooks and melodies up front. This album is chock full of hits, too numerous to mention, and will be the perfect soundtrack for the entire summer (and beyond)!

CD not limited, 300 lps pressed on pink vinyl. All songs written by Joy Cleaner. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. My Psychic Dent (Is Acting Up Again)
  2. Disposable Outcome
  3. I'm Not From Some Other Dimension
  4. Poisoned (Purple Teeth Version)
  5. Moving Backwards
  6. Fuck Up And Run
  7. Ritual And Dogma
  8. Impossibility For Me
  9. No One Before You
  10. Worm