Various - Jigsaw 100 usb drive

(Jigsaw Records, PZL100)

if Jigsaw 50 (a two-disc collection involving every band from our first 49 releases) was our most ambitious project, then Jigsaw 100 is surely our most audacious! Get this: our 100th release is our first 99 releases. Seriously! For a hundred bucks, you get a custom flash drive emblazoned with the Jigsaw logo (tucked inside a small silk-screened cloth pouch), which contains high-quality mp3s for PZL001-PZL099 (with cover artwork and even a few extras). That's 1322 songs in all, for an average cost of 7.5¢ per track!

That's not all, either; if you are already a loyal Jigsaw fan (or even just have a few of our releases), all you have to do is take a picture of all of your Jigsaw cds and records collected together and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag it with #jigsawrecords (on Facebook, tag Jigsaw Records) and we'll send you a discount code taking a dollar off for however many physical Jigsaw releases you already own! So, for example, if you've already got 20 Jigsaw cds or records in your collection, then you'd get Jigsaw 100 for only $80. This discount also applies to any Jigsaw release (pre-100) that you buy in the same order, so, if you buy 5 Jigsaw cds along with the drive, I'll knock $5 off the order. (If you're a regular on the Jigsaw Bandcamp, send me a note and we'll work something out!) This drive will only be sold on the Jigsaw site, and is strictly limited to 100 pieces, so don't delay!