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Hoop - Super Genuine cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL125)

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recorded a couple years ago in Anacortes (with Nich Wilbur at the Unknown), but finally seeing the light of day now, this is the debut album from Hoop, a lovely all-girl quartet from Seattle led by Caitlin Roberts. It's a deeply personal album about a toxic relationship, and with its sparse yet beautiful delivery, you really can't help feeling moved by the end of it. Musically, the band reminds me of Unrest and Lake, sharing those bands' knack for muted, naked beauty, but also their affinity for expanding the sound when needed (as in the droney outro to "Baseboard" or the overdriven but still subdued "Drawn To You"). This is a haunting and timeless classic designed to help anyone get through their worst times. 

Not limited. All songs written by Hoop. Available digitally soon on Bandcamp.

  1. Marlin Spike
  2. Good Dregs
  3. Baseboards
  4. Send Purpose Down
  5. Skiptracer
  6. Drawn To You
  7. Not By Care
  8. Void Touch
  9. Folded Impulse
  10. To Know Your Tone
  11. Bask In Easy Tone