Faintest Ideas - This Is How Fast You Go cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL036)

I've been a fan of the Faintest Ideas from their very first EP as the Javelins, and have followed their every move, from the EPs on their own Yellow Mica label to their sole proper full-length album on Magic Marker, and every last single/compilation they ever did. That said, this collects every last single/compilation track they ever did as the Faintest Ideas, and adds over a dozen bonus tracks, including an aborted single, other unreleased tracks from their last days as a band, and an entire radio session, before closing off with the very first recording the band ever did (before the line-up was even solidified!), making for a completist's dream!

Not limited. All songs written by The Faintest Ideas, except track 14 by Skeeter Davis, track 15 by Pizzoar and track 16 by Depeche Mode. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. I'll Wear The Crown
  2. Physically I Was At My Lowest
  3. Don't Pick Up The Phone
  4. No Gravity
  5. Another Sunny Day
  6. Pay For Crumbs
  7. If I Could Write Spiteful Lyrics
  8. Skip The Bridge
  9. Unexpected Holiday
  10. I Felt My Soul
  11. Serious As A Heart Attack
  12. You're Gonna Wake Up One Morning And Know What Side Of The Bed You've Been Lying On
  13. Procrastination Of Everyday Tasks
  14. My Last Date With You
  15. År 3000
  16. A Question Of Lust
  17. What Goes Up Must Calm Down
  18. Let The Party Go On
  19. I Wanna Be A Part Of Something Small
  20. The Barricades Became My Home
  21. Donkey Love
  22. Picnic In Panic
  23. Eyes Like UFOs
  24. Full Fledged Joy
  25. Ready To Fall
  26. Empty Phrase
  27. Ready To Fall (radio session)
  28. I Wanna Be A Part Of Something Small (radio session)
  29. Procrastination Of Everyday Tasks (radio session)
  30. Everything Is Black (radio session)
  31. Capitol Between Brackets (radio session)
  32. I Was Raised As A Polar Bear (radio session)
  33. Donkey Love (radio session)
  34. The Nervous System (radio session)
  35. Let The Party Go On (radio session)
  36. Nastacular (radio session)
  37. untitled demo