Driscolls - Complete Recordings 1988-1991 dbl cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL056)

the Driscolls were one of the better bands of the fertile late '80s/early '90s UK indiepop scene, with a handful of singles on Restless and Teatime Records and even a Woosh flexi. Sure, their records don't exactly fetch a handsome price amongst record collectors, but their music - a perfect hybrid of '60s mod and jangly indiepop - is definitely priceless. This two-disc set compiles all of the band's singles PLUS all of their compilation tracks culled from numerous high-profile indiepop tapes PLUS eight previously-unreleased songs recorded before the band split! Heck, there's even a radio interview with the band on here, capping off a stunning 35-track collection that is easily one of the best reissues of 2014! (As you can guess, we're super-proud of this release!)

Not limited. All songs written by The Driscolls, except track 1 by The Fire, track 22 by The Lemon Pipers and track 32 by The Beatles. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Father's Name Was Dad
  2. Girl I Want You Back
  3. Groovy Little Town
  4. Andrew
  5. Julie Christie
  6. I Heard A Rumour
  7. Doctor Good And His Incredible Life Saving Soap
  8. If Only
  9. Mrs. Jones
  10. You Must Be Mad
  11. Something To Learn
  12. Groovy Little Town (acoustically revisited)
  13. This Is A Different Song
  14. Bang Goes Another Cloud
  15. Out Of My Head
  16. How Does It Feel?
  17. Superman
  18. Sky High
  19. The Return Of Lord Kitchener
  20. Coloured Windows
  21. Brittle Beautiful
  22. Green Tambourine
  23. Another Day (Little Pill)
  24. P.C. Roberts
  25. Call Me Anything
  26. Time For Change
  27. It's Your Daughter
  28. Circles
  29. Here It Comes Again
  30. These Things
  31. Shame About The Rain
  32. She Said She Said
  33. Coloured Windows (alternate version)
  34. X-Ray Eyes (live)
  35. radio interview