Robert, Bruce - Together Singles cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL149)

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Bruce Robert has been self-releasing digital singles from his Boise, Idaho home over the last couple years, and as the title of this disc may suggest, this is a collection of the best of those songs. Though a multi-instrumentalist, who created the majority of the music on this album, Bruce is helped out by a number of friends, including Jeremy Jensen of the Very Most (on a variety of instruments) and Raine Saunders-Irving, Gia Trotter and Sean Samuel Kelly (all taking turns on vocals). Touchstones for these songs include the Essex Green, Pale Lights and the Yearning - all equally wonderful jangly indiepop bands who also sometimes enjoy playing in a minor key.

Not limited. All songs written by Bruce Robert. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Tiny Robot Heart
  2. Alpha Waves Beta Waves
  3. Wanna Grow Old Together
  4. Let's Go
  5. The Replacement Part
  6. It's Only Natural
  7. The Little Motorbike Song
  8. After The Fall Hop